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The Case for Cause Marketing — Statistics for Businesses & Nonprofits

Growth of cause marketing statistics 2018 The cause marketing statistics below demonstrate the numerous benefits of cause marketing for businesses and nonprofit charities. It can be difficult to gain buy-in when other key decision-makers view cause marketing as philanthropy with no ROI. Lucky for you, the numbers are on your side. Cause marketing is growing rapidly—and for good reason. It works.

If you need help making the case, you’ve come to the right place. This page is continuously updated as new data becomes available and is current as of 2018.

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Cause Marketing Statistics for Businesses

Cause marketing statistics - brand switchCause marketing can earn you new customers

When choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, 90% of U.S. shoppers are likely to switch to a cause branded product.

[2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study]

Cause marketing statistics - industry consensusCause marketing is a business strategy, not philanthropy

97% of marketing executives believe cause marketing is a valid business strategy.

[2010 PRWeek/Barkley Cause Survey]

The majority of businesses engage in cause marketing

66% of businesses engaged in cause marketing in 2010.

[2010 PRWeek/Barkley Cause Survey]

Cause marketing statistics - industry consensusCause marketing can differentiate your products

When quality and price is equivalent, social purpose is the number one deciding factor for shoppers globally.

[2010 Edelman GoodPurpose Survey]

Cause marketing statistics - increased price pointCause branded products can command a premium price

42% of North American shoppers would pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.

[2014 Nielsen Do Well By Doing Good Report]

Cause marketing statistics - integrated social impactA new generation is demanding a new breed of campaign

64% of shoppers say simply giving money away isn’t enough; they want businesses to integrate social impact directly into their business models (e.g. Buy One Give One campaigns).

[2010 Edelman GoodPurpose Survey]

Cause marketing statistics - one for oneShoppers prefer campaigns that offer tangible impact

58% of Americans say it’s more important to be able to have a tangible impact on an issue than be familiar with the organization they are supporting (e.g. Warby Parker’s campaign).

[2014 Cone Communications Digital Activism Study]

Cause marketing statistics - check impactShoppers want to see impact

88% of Americans want to hear about businesses’ social responsibility and the most preferred place to hear about these efforts is on the product’s packaging or label.

[2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study]

Cause marketing statistics - impact on productCause marketing strongly influences purchasing decisions

52% of shoppers worldwide check product labels before buying to ensure the brand is committed to positive social and environmental impact.

[2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study]

Cause marketing statistics - confusing communicationEffectively communicating CSR efforts isn’t easy

70% of Americans find companies’ communication about their social responsibility efforts confusing.

[2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study]

Cause Marketing Statistics for Nonprofit Charities

Cause marketing statistics - fundingCause marketing can provide a growing funding stream

In North America alone, cause marketing is projected to drive $1.92 billion in funds to worthy nonprofit charities in 2015.

[2014 IEG Sponsorship Report]

Cause marketing statistics - rising fundsFunding from cause marketing is skyrocketing

Funding from cause marketing has more than doubled in the last 12 years (2003-2015) in North America.

[2014 IEG Sponsorship Report/Cause Marketing Forum]

Cause marketing statistics - trusted partnerCause marketing can earn you a new donor base

79% of shoppers would donate to a charity supported by a trusted business.

[2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study]

Cause marketing statistics - millennialsCause marketing can help you reach the next generation of donors

43% of millennials find it easier to contribute to the causes they care about through a business’s program than giving to the nonprofit charity directly.

[2011 Barkley American Millennials Report]

Cause marketing statistics - facilitate impactMillennials want to support your cause through the brands they patron

69% of millennials worldwide want businesses to facilitate their involvement in addressing social challenges.

[2014 MSL Group The Future of Business Citizenship Report]

A Winning Strategy for a New Era

Cause marketing is great for business, so it is not surprising that so many businesses are doing it. Everyone from local businesses to global enterprises are reaping the benefits of cause marketing.

As new models emerge and evolve, so do socially-conscious shoppers. A massive shift in consumer behavior has taken place in a very short period of time, and with millennials leading the charge, we here at CauseGood believe it’s just the beginning.

These cause marketing statistics make it clear that the strategy pays dividends no matter what side of the table you’re on.

This page of current as of 2018 and is frequently updated with the most compelling cause marketing statistics available.